Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Need Me Some Back Up!

This is the attitude I need to conquer Algebra...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dragons and Dinos are calling me to a change of NaNo heart...

I've made a momentous decision.

It happened, as the saying goes, "just like that."

After wracking my brain and flinging a few, well-chosen and nasty adjectives at the computer (and at myself and my fickle muse--and yes, he is lower case for the moment) I decided to change gears on my NaNoWriMo plans.

I was going to originally write a very clever story about nanobe-like aliens who come to Earth and invade our bodies so they can use us to war among themselves. I still like this concept. But when I sat down to outline the chapters and plot lines of the book, I went blank and all of the plot bunnies went and hid themselves. I've been looking everywhere for them. I've found plenty of dust bunnies but not one single plot bunny could be located. They may have gone to Cleveland.

"Into the Glow, Aborning" will get written, that much I know. It's just not going to get written in November.

I have had nothing but the world of Burr on my mind lately. The muse is slamming delicious thoughts into my head about that place. Burr is the world (alternate reality) where my WIP short story "Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dragon" takes place. The name of the world is never mentioned in the story.

I had already planned to start a first novel (thinking trilogy, certain that it will take more than one book to tell this story) based on this world. The novel is to be called "The Mages of Morrow" (with subsequent novels named along the same line: "The Sages of Sorrow," etc. all very sequel-y).

Burr is a wonderful place. Full of shifting black holes, magician-scientists (mages) who bioengineer sentient Dragons and prehistoric monsters to war for them, gypsies (who are lesser mages), and scholar-scientists who still practice the real hocus-pocus-brew-me-a-potion type magic (sages).

I've got Burr so much in my blood (and love the place that it becomes so much in my imagination) that I have to start writing it soon.

So I sat down tonight to start writing the outline, and voilĂ !--the Muse is back and the bunnies have come home from their holiday. One of them is wearing a Manchester United tee-shirt. Very odd bunny. The outlines I was able to do flowed better than I could have hoped for. I wanted to get 4-to-5 done, but only got two done. However, those two are very detailed. The Muse is definitely doing his part again. Back to capitalizing.

Even now that I'm done for the night (morning, now) and, as I'm fond of saying, Morpheus keeps trying to drag me off to Dreamland (he is positively ranting now), I don't want to stop outlining this story. The ideas keep coming and coming. One thing I should do is finish writing "Tiny Dragon." This book doesn't depend on the short story, it's just that I love the story and want to finish it. And I'm so very close to the end, anyway.

So, I will be writing about dragons and dinosaurs this November, after all.

It's nice to be focused.