Friday, October 29, 2010

Contest Ideas

I am having a contest sometime in the future to give away copies of "Zombie Nation: St. Pete," the local zombie anthology featuring writers from my area. My story, "The Lust, The Flesh" is on page 179.

I've gotten a couple of really great suggestions for this contest so far.

Jim Bronyaur would like to see an excerpt of this story (which I've posted for #fridayflash this week) and then a Story Starter: a paragraph into another story which contestants would finish. I think this is a good idea.

Icy Sedgwick has another great idea. She would like me to post all of my story (I'd have to do it in parts, it's no flash story) and then contestants would pick a character from my story (a victim or survivor) and write a flash in that character's POV.

Please leave a comment as to how this contest should run. 

For more information about "Zombie Nation: St. Pete," visit this website: Zombie Nation Publishing. 

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